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Faculty Summer Institute (August)

Faculty Summer Institute (August)

The daily agenda will be sent closer to the date of the session.

August 8 – 12, 2022

Monday, August 8, 2022 Show more dates

Registration is required. There are 4 seats available.

Prior to the session:

Fall 2022 Project:

A completed project is a course that meets 85% of the QD requirements and is ready to be taught online or face to face by spring ‘23. The official QD Peer Review process does not occur until after the course has been taught for at least one semester and is not a requirement of the summer institute. Don’t worry if this is unfamiliar to you at this point; it will all become clear upon completion of the GCSC Quality Design Essentials course!

Before December 15, 2022, complete the self-assessment again noting your improvements.


* QD Essentials specifically addresses design for online and hybrid courses. If you will never teach an online or hybrid course, you may create your Canvas course meeting the minimum requirements and your self-assessment may address how QD criteria are met during the face-to-face component.